Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014

Santa at the PFES craft fair.
Eli getting everything ready on Christmas Eve night.
Christmas Eve at Grammy's House.
Eli and cousin Jake. 
Eli and cousin Grace.
Family Shot!
Christmas Eve Evening at Aunt Mary's house with cousin Nate.
Another picture of the night before the big day!
Indoor camping to try out the new sleeping bag.
Eli and Rachel do Breakfast with Santa at Grandma Rita's work.
It's safe to say Eli LOVED all things Christmas!

Baby Sprinkle December 2014

My friend Erin did an amazing job treating me to a special day with friends and family to celebrate getting ready for new baby Scott.  Her decorations were bright and natural to go with my forest animals nursery theme.  We celebrated with new baby books, yummy food, and some craft projects to decorate the nursery.

Fun with the Boyle's.

This little piggy is LUCKY, he survived on pig slaughtering day and got to pose with the little ones.

Eli and Layla take a dip in the creek after a steep hike to the Boyle Cabin. 
Eli lost his shorts after the dip and almost lost his G-bar.  Fiesta, Chilli, and Moose are very interested in Eli's keep away dance!

A few radom pics from summer 2014.

This is how we garden on Big Falls Rd!
The Blues Brothers - Eli and his friend Robert
Summer Time!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Having  trouble using my recipe side bar tab.  Listing a few here for the future.
Summer Pudding

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Fun 2014

 Trunk or Treat at a nearby Community Church.  I surprised Eli by dressing up as mommy bat.  We couldn't capture a shot with both bats having wings spread.
 Grammy surprised Eli by dressing up as the man-bear!
 Eli was excited to see his cousin and buddy Zachary.
 A couple of his favorite trunks decked out in Halloween digs.

Eli has really enjoyed spotting the different Halloween and Fall decorations on his way home each day.  His favorite was a house nearby with a pumpkin head, scarecrow family.  On one of our daily detours to drive past the pumpkin heads we noticed that Mrs. Pumpkin Head had lost her head.  A few days later when we carved our Jack-O-Lantern, Eli really wanted to take it to Mrs. Pumpkin Head.  I loved the gesture and he helped me carve another Jack-O-Lantern to take to the scarecrow family.
The creator of the scarecrow family was very nice.  He offered to assemble the head right away.  Eli was excited about the process, but not so sure about touching the scarecrows or getting his picture taken with them.
The little Pumpkin Head had a spot on the far side of the yard and Eli didn't mind giving him a closer inspection.  We've had so many fun stories and questions about these Pumpkin Heads.  He really wants to know why they bow their heads??

 This plant is growing in one of our front stoop flower pots.  It is doing better now than it did all summer and I wanted a picture to help me remember to get a replacement for the pot next year!