Wednesday, November 26, 2014


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Summer Pudding

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Fun 2014

 Trunk or Treat at a nearby Community Church.  I surprised Eli by dressing up as mommy bat.  We couldn't capture a shot with both bats having wings spread.
 Grammy surprised Eli by dressing up as the man-bear!
 Eli was excited to see his cousin and buddy Zachary.
 A couple of his favorite trunks decked out in Halloween digs.

Eli has really enjoyed spotting the different Halloween and Fall decorations on his way home each day.  His favorite was a house nearby with a pumpkin head, scarecrow family.  On one of our daily detours to drive past the pumpkin heads we noticed that Mrs. Pumpkin Head had lost her head.  A few days later when we carved our Jack-O-Lantern, Eli really wanted to take it to Mrs. Pumpkin Head.  I loved the gesture and he helped me carve another Jack-O-Lantern to take to the scarecrow family.
The creator of the scarecrow family was very nice.  He offered to assemble the head right away.  Eli was excited about the process, but not so sure about touching the scarecrows or getting his picture taken with them.
The little Pumpkin Head had a spot on the far side of the yard and Eli didn't mind giving him a closer inspection.  We've had so many fun stories and questions about these Pumpkin Heads.  He really wants to know why they bow their heads??

 This plant is growing in one of our front stoop flower pots.  It is doing better now than it did all summer and I wanted a picture to help me remember to get a replacement for the pot next year!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Doe Creek Farm Apple Orchard

Six days into Fall and we spent a beautiful day celebrating apple season in Gile's County.  Eli got to spend time with his buddies Henley and Hudson.  Eli rarely poses for a picture, but he is very smitten by Miss Henley.  As for the apples we selected a mix of Liberty, Enterprise, Fuji, and Candy Crisp.  Apple Cider sipping for the next few weeks as well!

Other updates:  We took Eli for another big hike a week ago, around the lake at Mountain Lake.  We took a camera, but left the card in the computer at home:)  I love watching him discover his own best path to get over roots and around rocks.  He is becoming more sure footed and seems to truly appreciate the excitement and wonder of the outdoors.  He loves finding shapes in nature and he has a good eye for finding trees that look like different creatures.

The garden has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me this year.  I found out I was pregnant about the same time we started planting.  It didn't take long before the weeds took over and morning sickness kept me from keeping it remotely under control.  Looking back we still had an amazing season of fresh veggies and a few plants are still producing as we approach the first week in Oct.  We still have a bit of okra, peppers, and a couple of tomato plants.  We've picked a couple of pumpkins.  Eli is looking forward to a few bigger ones to finish ripening, to be carved into Jack-O-Lanterns.  I took very few pictures of the garden this summer.  I didn't always find it to be the most beautiful thing to look at amongst the jungle of weeds.  This morning, I did find beauty in the morning glory vines climbing the okra plants, the pumpkin vines intertwined with the tomato plants, and a handsome grasshopper that adorned my shovel.  I think my thoughts also stayed positive this morning because I somehow avoided being sprayed by rotten tomatoes that pop off the vine or stepped on by accident.  Eli also stayed indoors with his dad to give me some downtime.  Although, I love Eli's excitement about seeing things growing in the garden, I still find myself yelling left and right about not stepping, pulling, or touching, which is not too fun for either of us.  We tried designated a spot just for him, but it never seemed to entertain him for more than three min. at a time.  Hopefully, we'll find some better strategies for toddler time in the garden next year:)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day Hike at Hanging Rock Observatory

 Clay and I were so proud of how well Eli did hiking up to the big "bird house."  This is one of our favorite day hikes and Eli rocked it!
 Looking at this picture compared to the one below it, really reviewed just how quickly Eli has grown up in less then a year.  The lower pic, was taken in the same location in November, 2013.
 Grindel, the gnarly tree face is one of our favorite places for a photo opt. 
 Enjoying a snack inside the Bird House.
 On the way back we stopped at little spot called the Interior Whistle Stop on Big Stony Creek Rd. 

 Here are a few pics taken earlier in the summer.  Eli became a master corn shucker this year.  He has really enjoyed a lot of the edibles that we grow in the yard.  His favorite is probably blue berries (blue babies), but he also likes the asparagus, sugar snap peas, beets, okra, and corn.  I'm sad that he hasn't taken to eating tomatoes, because we have an ample supply and the cherry tomatoes could really keep him busy while I worked.  He does like to eat his dad's homemade pizza with pesto sauce that is made from the basil in our garden.  We're pretty excited about all of the foods he is willing to try!

 One of his favorite activities is surprising us with his dress up creations.  We're thinking Halloween will be a big event for him this year!

Sunday, May 11, 2014